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Matching Bankrolls and Slot Machine Denominations

One strategy that may work for you in slots is to make your bankroll hold out as long as it possibly can until you hit a jackpot. This will require knowing which slot machines in a casino give the best payouts. Another important factor you should consider is playing the machines in the best locations. That will definitely help match your bankroll with the right slot machine denomination.

Matching your bankroll with the appropriate slot machine denomination is vital to any type of slot strategy. You simply just can't play on any loose slot machine simply because it is loose. You have to make sure that your bankroll can handle the slot machine denomination and last longer until you do hit something. You may very well call this the comfort zone of your bankroll when it comes to slots.

An example we will look at will be different slot machine denominations, going for ten spins a minute, expecting a 90% payout, and putting in a maximum of three coins per spin. We should determine the size of our bankroll and find a slot machine that matches that criteria. The idea is to be able to make your bankroll last depending on how much time you want to spend playing slots.

Given the premise we made above a nickel slot machine will require nine dollars per hour. Five-dollar machines will make you spend 900 dollars an hour. If you choose for a one-dollar machine you'll only be spending 180 dollars an hour. However, if you choose quarter slot machines you'll only spend 45 dollars per hour. Let's proceed to matching our bankroll with given slot machine denominations.

To properly match your bankroll with the right slot machine denomination you should determine how long do you intend to play slots in a given session. Let's say you have a bankroll worth $1000 to spend playing slots. For today's slot session you want to play about five hours not including breaks in between each hour. That would mean you have 200 dollars an hour to spend on this session.

Matching your $200 hourly bankroll with the rate each slot machine denomination requires mentioned earlier, you should play on one-dollar machines that will cost you $180 per hour with $20 to spare. You can spend the extra $20 on anything you like since you already have enough to spend for your slot session. Being able to determine your hourly bankroll and matching it with the right slot machine denomination ensures that you make your money last longer until you make winnings.